Change…What does it do for us?

According to Webster’s Dictionary there are quite a few definitions for CHANGE.  As a verb it means to become different, to make (someone or something) different or to become something else.  As a trasitive verb it means to make different is some particular / alter or this is my fav – to make radically different (as in transform).  

I have two pieces of paper that have been hanging on my desk for years – I think I received them both while living and working in Dallas, TX.  The first The Inter Change Cycle wheel of 6 stages – I use it quite a bit.  It really helps put things in perspective whether I’m going through change at work or in my personal life.  Moving from Discomfort to Discovery are usually the toughest stages and where you have the biggest risk to ‘relapse’ into earlier stages.

The other one I use is The 7 Levels of Change (at home) – mine is slightly different than the one on the website.  I love level 4 – Do Away With Things – stop negative ‘self-talk’!  So important – I’ve talked about it before – that muscle between our ears is so very powerful – it is sometimes counterproductive.  Don’t let it stand in your way.

So why am I writing about CHANGE?  There is change all around me right now – from work life – taking on a new role, my existing team changing (I’ve been with this team for 5+ years) to continuing my transformation journey (Spring Transformation started last week).  I’m excited about the change at work, but I’m also sad (feeling of loss) about my team changing – they make my life super easy – they are all so great!  I love working with them (and I probably don’t tell them enough!).  We’ve really become a team even though none of us work in the same office.  I’m quite proud of them all.

You can let change rule your life or you can embrace it.  I chose to embrace it.  It reminds me of a saying a friend of mine posted a few years ago – and it really says a lot to me as I’ve been making this journey…

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge”

~ Tuli Kupferberg


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