When you least expect it.

The spring 6 week transformation started last week. We were asked to set our week 1 goals. I kept my simple and achievable (with a bit of a stretch). Drink 60 – 80 ozs of water a day and 3 sessions. The week started off great. I had my 3 workouts in by Wednesday – I was looking forward to my two other planned workouts to have a super first week.

Well you know how the saying goes – ‘the best laid plans’!  Early Thursday morning, my plans went to hell and a hand basket.  Woke up with what would turn into the worst stomach virus I’ve had since salmonella poisoning!  I won’ bore you with the gory details – I hope none of you have to deal with it this year (or ever for that matter).

I felt pretty good day – best day since last week (still not 100%).  I decided it was ok to have some coffee this morning.  I hadn’t had any since the few sips I had on Saturday morning.  My coffee is accompanied by light cream.  I was really looking forward to it, but it didn’t taste that great.  I drank one cup – I normally drink up to 4 (and sometimes have one in the afternoon).  In addition, yesterday and today I indulged in some comfort food – Cozy Shack’s Rice Pudding.  It is bland enough but tastes good (I was sick of rice, chicken broth and saltines).  I think I ‘ODed’ on it today though!  It is the first time I’ve noticed how dairy has a negative effect on how I feel.  It was eye opening.  I had gone 21 days without it when I did the Clean program, but I think because I had more than normal today – I really noticed the difference even though I had only been off of it for 4 days.

I had already planned on experimenting with going Dairy Free during the 6 week transformation based on a post from a fellow transformation member, but this really sealed the deal.  I’ve already ordered my chef service food for next week – dairy free.  And I’m going to gradually eliminate the remainder of the week.

I’m really curious to see how I feel over the next week and a half as well as how I will feel when I gradually add the dairy back.  It will be an interesting decision point for me – so it is interesting what you discover when you least expect it.  I’ll keep you posted.


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