Sense of Purpose

This past week during our spring transformation instead of posting our week 4 goal – we were asked what is our purpose (The ask of us is in bold from our BodyProject Fitness Spring Transformation).

When things get tough…when you want to give up…when you don’t feel like waking up or just want to go home after a long day instead of taking time to exercise…when you feel too tired to prepare for the next day…WHAT WILL KEEP YOU GOING?

  • Is it your kids?
  • Your husband? A loved one who inspires you?
  • Feeling like the most amazing version of yourself?
  • Is it happiness? A sense of accomplishment?

Of course, as I was thinking of what to write – this song popped into my head…so I had to find it on youtube – enjoy!  Anyone else remember this or did I just clearly show my age?

Back to the question and my answer (and I’ve expanded it):

What a great way to change it up on us in week 4.  I started this journey (quite a few years ago) as a way to get in shape and lose weight.  And then my body revolted and I gained weight.  And quite frankly everything went wrong.  Maybe – just maybe it was supposed to happen this way as I had to deal with the very controlling muscle that sits on my shoulders.  There were many moments of frustration but I kept coming back.  

In May 2012, I started seeing a nutritionist – which turned out to be my X factor in the weight management area.  I still have a ways to go – but I’m heading in the right direction.  We just made some adjustments this passed week and I’m seeing some positive results already (and I really needed that as I’ve been struggling since December and was losing my patience :-))/

I finally had my ‘aha’ moment in the fall – finally finding that balance between eating and my workouts (that I actually missed my workouts when I didn’t go).  This has always been about me and I find that if I don’t make it to BP – it not only impacts me but it impacts everyone around me.  A perfect example, I’d had an extremely stressful week at work awhile back – I’d missed 3 days of workouts to boot – and finally on Thursday morning I decided to take an early lunch and get in a yoga class.  It was the best decision I had made all week – I was back in balance!

I’ve become an advocate for my friends and co-workers that it is OK to take care of ourselves (get rid of the guilt) – if we do that – the rest kind of takes care of itself – becoming the best version of me (that continues to evolve through this journey)!


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