Decluttering – March 2014 Edition

I haven’t done much decluttering in the month of March due to some personal travel and getting sick (and it took me awhile to bounce back).

This weekend I decided to tackle some major paper clutter that has overtaken my house in the last 45 days (and I know it goes back even further). The task at hand this weekend was organizing all of my tax documents to get to my accountant – deadline is March 31st to get out by April 15th. I’m always a procrastinator on this. I was supposed to do a lot of the leg work last Sunday but I opted to go bike shopping (a post I’ll do soon).

As I was going through all of my paper clutter and realized I had an opportunity to get myself organized a whole heck of a lot better.  And I couldn’t handle the paper I was having to deal with on a daily basis much less how I let some of the junk mail overtake me.   And my gmail account was completely disorganized too.  I decided I needed to start anew with a new email address – strictly for finances.  I hadn’t really ever embraced paperless bills as I was always afraid they would get lost in my emails (and I really didn’t want another email account); however, I decided that I had to do something.  So once I set up my new email account – off I went to change over all of my bills to paperless.  I got a majority of them completed – just need to change over the utilities.  It was liberating knowing that in the next month I won’t have so much paper clutter.  I just addressed the junk mail by going to Direct Mails – Do Not Mail List (like the do not call list for telemarketers).  I know it won’t get all of it – but hopefully it will reduce it.

And if you’re wondering if I ever got my tax documents turned in – YES I did – took awhile due to the feeder in my scanner not working – thankfully I had a Pandigital Scanner that saved the day.  I had some file upload issues due to the server on the other end – I made it before the 31st deadline!  Now fingers crossed I get a return!! 🙂


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