Declutter 2014 Update

Growing up the development (or subdivision) where I lived had a community yard sale every summer. My family lived in the back part of the development – we detested the yard sale (never participated) because it was a major traffic jam getting out of there (only one way in and out).  We would joke about going away for the weekend.

Fast forward to last summer, I joined a friend in her community for a yard sale. We both got rid of items and made some coin and we had fun hanging out.  I think it was probably my success there that got me starting to think about how much I need to de-clutter!

My community sent a notice out a couple of weeks ago announcing a community yard sale.  And the good news is I could actually participate.  Most of the times when they are scheduled I’m not around.

I got myself organized and even decided to really unload a lot of kitchen items that I either don’t use anymore or haven’t ever used.  I had a friend stop by last night for some wine and pre-shopping.  Got up early this morning and loaded the car (I have a good reputation for packing a car – so I was able to get a lot of ‘treasures’ in the car).

The event started at 8 am this morning (funny thing is the annual yard sale of my youth was going on the same weekend) – I got there for set-up a little after 7 am (and I was kind of late) – although I did get the spot I wanted to set-up at – easy access to the road and my car.  Before 8 am – I had made a few sales – I wasn’t even completely set-up.

There were a lot of people set-up and there was a great turn-out.  I had some company too.  My friend (who’s community yard sales I joined) – joined in as well (we had a great time catching up and grabbed some lunch afterwards)

Here is what sold well (a combination of items from both of us):

  • Guy Stuff (my friend calls it this and one of the guys who bought some things quoted her too!) – this includes outdoor light fixtures, tools, door knobs, locks – you get the picture.
  • Kids Toys – including Beanie Babies (I unloaded quite a bit)
  • Kitchen Items – cookware (8 items), small appliances (crockpot, blender), plastic containers (5), Appetizer on Ice (1)
  • Decorations – sold 2 pillows – an older woman drove a hard bargain with me – she got a great deal.  We saw a lot of people buying home decor – pictures and other decorations
  • Make-up & Brushes – new – never been used was a huge hit
  • Bags – we had mixed success but each were able to get rid of some handbags or totes
  • Beach items – I sold a beach chair – saw some othe beach items as well.

It was a good day – I netted a little over $200 – I got rid of some stuff and the extra cash will go to a good cause – my football weekends!

PS:  I plan on putting some items on – I put 11 paperbacks and a yoga mat – already got a hit with plans for a pick-up in the morning – Yahoo!! 🙂


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