Kryptonite and Spongeworthy

So what do Superman and Seinfeld have to do with my post today?

If you remember from Superman the only thing that could stop the Man of Steel was Kyrptonite (his achille’s heel).  And if you are a Seinfeld fan – all I have to say is ‘Spongeworthy’ and you know what I’m talking about.  But in case you don’t –

Today was my nutrionist appointment.  I knew going in I had gained slightly and that during the last 6 weeks I struggled with balance – not the typical work / life balance – more of a food balance.  My sugar cravings were out of control – my KYRPTONITE!!!

I opened Pandora’s box while out to dinner with my parents, niece and nephew in the middle of May.  It was really the first time since Easter I had dessert (breaking my Lenten fast).  And it continued on a buisness trip to Pawley’s Island, SC (in May) – I split a yummy dessert with a co-worker.  I extended my trip for a girl’s weekend getaway – I stayed on course with my two meals a day – but we had dessert every night!  They were yummy!!  I was asked today – how did I feel after?  Did I feel – ‘what the hell?  – it is a vacation’ or ‘ was I upset that I went crazy?’  I was a little bit of both.  I was more upset about the sugar cravings I had post my trip (which was driven by the over indulgence on my trip).

On and off for the past 6 weeks the sugar thing has been bothering me – can’t keep it under control – including opening up a jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter and eating from the jar (the only bonus only 5 grams of sugar compared to 22 grams of sugar in Nutella) 🙂

So keeping with my accountability – I went to my appointment to talk about my sugar issues and desserts being a bit out of control (I leave for vacation soon – so this was perfect timing).

So here is where Spongeworthy came into the conversation – My nutritionist started with – ‘Remember the Seinfeld episode – and I somehow knew Spongeworthy was the episode he was going to mention.  🙂  I need to think of dessert the same way – is it Spongeworthy?  (Oh and it is in my file too).  Thinking back on the desserts I had (including the Cookie Butter) – here is how they rate:

  1. The Pandora’s Box Dessert – I don’t even recall what it was so making the call — Not Spongeworthy
  2. Caramel Layer Cake (it was shared) – Spongeworthy
  3. Raspberry Cheesecake (it was shared) — Not Spongeworthy
  4. Toffee Cheesecake with Whipped Cream (it was shared) — Spongeworthy
  5. Bread Pudding (not shared) — Spongeworthy
  6. Bread Pudding (note shared – this was in Wayne, PA – work dinner) — Not Spongeworthy
  7. Cookie Butter — Spongeworthy – but I really shouldn’t buy it anymore – that is completely in my control!!

43% Spongeworthy!!  Or 50% if I remove the Cookie Butter from the equation.  I have 7 weeks before my next appointment – so I will be keeping track of what desserts I consider Spongeworthy – I expect over the next few weeks – there won’t be many.   And if you are one of my local friends and you see me chuckle at dinner – you will know why – I will be considering the status of the items on the dessert menu!! 🙂

This is a journey and I’m looking to foward to what I learn over the next 7 weeks.


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