Summer Tradition

For as many summers as I can remember, my neice and I go to the annual church carnival in my town.  I actually asked her on Monday night how long we’ve been doing it – she had the same comment – for as long as she can remember.  🙂

I look forward to going to the carnival every year.  It is a chance for me to spend one on one time with my niece and reminds me of going to the summer carnival by my Mom-Mom’s and Pop-Pop’s house when I was a kid.  I don’t know who has more fun at the carnival – B or me?

This night is tradition laced – face-painting, amusement rides (and now that she is older – I get on the rides – I love rides – but the Tornado ride – makes me a bit queezy), dinner, carnival games (just the last two games as she has gotten older) and last but not least – ice cream (the last thing we do as we walk back to the car).

Highlights from this year’s night at the carnival:

  • Quality Time with B (of course – I just love seeing and growing up way to fast)!
  • Riding Chaos (it is called the Claw) – I actually LOVED this ride – so much more fun than the Tornado!!!
  • B winning at the Flip the Frog into the Lily Pad game – it was her very last frog too.  I don’t know who was happier that she won – her or me?
  • And of course ice cream – plain twist in a cone for her and vanilla with chocolate jimmys in a cone for me
  • A perfect night!!

Looking forward to next year already!

CHAOS - Loved it!!!

CHAOS – Loved it!!!


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