Summer Vacation

Remember when you were younger and you went back to school in September you had to write about your summer vacation.  I’m not back in school and it isn’t September but thought I’d share with you some of my summer vacation highlights.

For the past 5 years I’ve been going to Ocean City, NJ for 2 weeks.  We stay on the south end of the island.  This year I really tried to check-out from work, social media and blogging – I did really good checking out on all 3 – blogging wins the prize.

Here are some of the highlights from the vacation – in no particular order:

  • Spending time with family, extended family and one of my college friends
  • Beach Yoga – including having my college friend join me the first week
  • Getting out on my road bike
  • Girls vs. Boys Wiffle ball game (with my Uncle as the official pitcher) – Girls lost – bummer!
  • Impressing my nephew that I have a blog!  I earned some street cred with him.  🙂
  • Mr. Muscles (one of our neighbors – my Aunts’ named him) 🙂
  • Trying a  recipe from Pinterest (thanks LDK – it was yummy!)
  • Cabana Boy – My Uncle is a great sport – he takes all the beach stuff down and sets up.
  • Chillaxin’ on the beach
  • Coffee on the porch early in the morning
  • My Aunt’s homemade gravy (aka spaghetti sauce)
  • Surviving Hurricane Arthur – he wasn’t much of one – and he moved through quickly – watching the surfers post Arthur
  • Enjoyed some of my favorite places to eat – (I’m doing another post on favorite spaces and places)
  • Shriver’s – seeing them make vanilla salt water taffy and bonus got to sample it!
  • Making Vanilla Salt Water Taffy

    Making Vanilla Salt Water Taffy


  • Watching the World Cup – cheering on the US and Argentina!
  • Mummer’s – Avalon String Band on the Boarwalk
  • Avalon String Band in the OCNJ Boardwalk

    Avalon String Band in the OCNJ Boardwalk


  • Watching fireworks from the beach
  • Walking the beach
  • Beating my brother in FitBit on week 2 of my vacation (he went back to work)!  🙂
  • Sitting on the beach watching and listening to the waves crashing on the beach
  • And many more!!

As you can see I had a great summer vacation!  What did you do on your summer vacation? Hope you had a great time.  Cherish the memories – I know I will and do.


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