No Name Post – Changed to Progress

It has been 6 weeks since my last nutritionist appointment.  My focus from the last 6 weeks was to make sure I’m particular about when I chose to eat desserts and other sweets.  I think I did OK – I didn’t avoid them but I didn’t always avoid the ones that might not be worth it!  However, that wasn’t really my challenge – my challenge of late has been that I’ve been hungry in between meals – which hasn’t been an issue previously.

So off to my appointment I went this morning.  Previously, when I knew I didn’t have a good 6 weeks, I was tempted to move the appointment.  I’ve learned two things on this journey:

  1. It is hard to get an appointment – so canceling puts me out a month or longer
  2. Going to see him – really helps me re-focus and reset and you know what I call that?  PROGRESS


We talked about what I eat on most days and decided to change it up a bit.  Since I normally eat breakfast late, we decided to make my breakfast option all protein and that I shouldn’t skip the carb at lunch (just don’t go crazy).  The notes in my file actually say ‘eat a substantial lunch‘ which does NOT equate to eat a Buffet – no worries here – I hate buffets!!  We also talked about my upcoming travel schedule – ‘adapt to the flow’ of the meeting which also means don’t feel compelled to graze and snack like others do!  🙂

So here is my focus for the next 6 weeks:

  1. Eat just protein for breakfast – keep it simple – eggs – hard boiled may be the easiest since I’m doing some day trips for work.
  2. At lunch again go for the protein first and some carbs – don’t eat just a salad for lunch.  And another option is eat 1/2 the sandwich and take the other half home for later.  And when at home make a sandwich using thin slices of bread.  🙂  Specific instruction – don’t skip the carb at lunch
  3. Adapt to the flow of the meeting.  I also plan to bring my own water and nutritional snacks (as a back-up just in case I do get the munchies)
  4. I’ve planned some of my work-outs (as that has been going really well the last 6 weeks).  And on days I am traveling – keep moving – even walking
  5. A cup of coffee in the afternoon can do the trick too!

Although I didn’t lose weight the last 6 weeks – I’m still maintaining a 30 lb weight loss not too bad.  Hoping this adjustment in my eating habits will help me hit another milestone!

Stay tuned for the next update in 7 weeks (wasn’t available 6 weeks from now in the timeslot I like – which is first thing in the morning!)



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