Summer Fun

As I was holding onto the last ‘official days’ of summer, I started reading a book a friend loaned to me on Friday.  It is called Summer at Tiffany!  I finished it in one day.  It is about two young women from the University of Iowa – and the summer they worked at Tiffany’s.  Two important things to know about this – it was the summer of 1945 and they were the first women to work there.

The book is described about “a fearless summer of friendship, freedom and first love in New York City.”  It is also about taking chances and life decisions.  You’ll have to read the book to enjoy their adventures.


I enjoyed this book so much, I bought it for my Aunt for her birthday.  My Uncle asked if it was a ‘chick’ book.  It kindof is, however, it is so interesting to see who crossed their paths, the history they experienced and to see things through two young college students in a time when women were still finding their voices in the US.  I sure hope that if I had lived in that era that I would’ve taken a chance like Marjorie and Marty.



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