Never Say Never

I can’t believe it has been almost 2 months since I’ve written.  To say it has been cray cray is an understatement.  Lots of changes going on at work (for me all good so far) – which is also the driver of this post.

You know how the saying goes, ‘Never Say Never.’  Ask any of my BP gals when they ask me if I’m interested in marathon or triathlon training and I tell they I will cheer them and and I think they are crazy.  I’ll ‘Never do that’.  If I’m really honest, I’ve been less and less saying no way.  And thinking I should give it a shot.  But then again I think – they are nuts!  (and they know I say that with LOVE).

It isn’t as if I didn’t run for sports in high school – I played field hockey for 6 years and was on the track and field team for 3 years – where I did a lot of running.  I just never liked it – I could run during games without an issue – go figure.

Now fast forward through my life to about 2 weeks ago and I start looking at my business travel schedule.  I look at the schedule and think – I need to get some structure around my workout schedule and I need to do it quickly.  I recall seeing one of my trainers posting a winter 1/2 Marathon Training starting at the end of January.  I think – hmmm – is this the push I need to try this.  So I find out if I can get a walk / run program and get started before the end of January training.  The answer was a YES with encouragement for me to do this.

So I’m going to give this running thing a go as I’ve worked too hard over the last two years to allow a couple months of business travel to derail me now.  I’m staying optimistic that with the right training and starting out with the walk / run that maybe just maybe I’ll find something else I enjoy doing.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m scared – because I sure am.  I’m also embracing to see what I learn about myself over the next few months as I go through this training as I know it will definitely challenge my both mentally and physically.  I will keep you posted on my journey.


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