A New Chapter…A New Challenge…

Less than a month ago I shared that I’m going to give this ‘running thing a try.’  I started on January 1st – with a 1 mile Run / Walk to gauge my timing.   I tested 2 different types – 3 minute run / 6 minute walk; 2 minute run / 4 minute walk.  Landed on the latter as I started my training and increased my distance.

My pre-training has included running the intervals – I’m now at 2 minute run / 1:45 minute walk – I’m a little over 14 minutes per mile.  I run 3 times per week and I cross-train (TRX and Yoga).  I hope to add in Spin once a week too (starting this coming week).

It hasn’t been easy for me to get out and do my program – there have been some days I’ve really had to give myself a pep talk (all of my runs are outside unless I’m traveling as I got rid of my treadmill a few years ago).  And after I’m always glad my pep talks have worked – such a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  I’ve had things get in my way (i.e. work) get in my way – but I’m not letting it happen.  One night, I sent a text to a co-worker – that I would be back (working on the project that was due) but I owed myself 2 miles and I did it!  I’ve actually been able to get 2 runs in over my lunch hour over the past couple of weeks too – it has allowed me to vent out some frustrations and help me re-focus.

Tomorrow morning is the official start of my 13.1 training.  I’m excited, I’m scared and I’m ready for this challenge!!



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