My journey continues…

It is hard to believe that I started this journey in the Summer of 2011!  Looking back from the summer of 2011 to May 0f 2012 – I was really dabbling.

Everything changed in May of 2012 when I started seeing my nutritionist.  I can’t believe it has been 3 years already.  I’ve had lots of ups and downs – and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

It is super easy for me to gain weight and so hard for me to take it off.  I’ve had my metabolism tested (functioning on all cylinders – and firing higher than expected), no thyroid issues and I did have that bout with Lyme Disease (Nov 2012).

This time last year I saw a fairly large decrease in a 6 week period during Lent – I changed my eating pattern – 2 meals (and a snack if needed) on non-workout days and 3 meals a day on workout days and I gave up sweets and chocolate for Lent.  I lost 7 lbs.  My favorite quote from my nutritionist appointment was “You can give up sweets for Jesus – but not me.” (I reminded him of that quote when I saw him on Friday.) – it still makes me laugh.

As you know – I’ve been traveling a lot for work the first part of 2015 – which has scared the crap out of me – that I would regress and quite frankly ruin all of my hard work.  So I pulled my awesome resources together to get me through it.  I joined BP’s 8 Week Body Project program (the accountability portion of the program – I did their Fall Inaugural program – and it was AWESOME).  And the other thing I did was reach out to MIM-Multisport Training as I knew running was going to be the thing I could do no matter where I was in my travels (all hotel gyms have a least on treadmill – usually more and I was going to warmer weather locations and could get outside to run).  Plus I’ve seen great results from many of my friends who have trained with MIM Multisport for triathlons – so I know this was the right decision for me (plus they were starting Spring Half Marathon training – so the timing seemed to be right).  I trained most of January to get ready for the first official training session – 5 miles.  Tomorrow we do our last long run – 12 miles (holy crap!!)  🙂

My travel schedule has been pretty constant which means lots of meetings (which drive you to want to snack) and dinners (with appetizers, drinks and sometimes desserts).  I’ll be honest I’ve not been tempted by the snacks at the meetings.  I do have some appetizers, I do partake in the adult beverages (wine has been mine choice – more on that later) and a dessert every once in awhile (the bread pudding while in New Orleans was to die for – but everyone had some of it so I didn’t eat it all – I’m all about sharing!)  And then Lent started – so I decided to do the same thing as last year – give up sweets and chocolate – because I do love them and it is a challenge for me.  I was expecting to see some weight loss the first part of Lent – and what I saw was weight gain / losses – the only thing consistent was no consistency (frustrating).  Then I went to a Black Tie event where I drank wine (remember I told you keep that in mind) – and the next day I was hungover and I blame it on the sugar in the wine.  😉  I had a wedding the following week – where I opted not to drink wine – instead I had vodka / club soda (and no wine for 3 weeks).  And the weight started to move in the right direction.

So drum roll please – I’ve lost 6 lbs since January 30th!!  And I’m down a total of 33 lbs – I’ve kept it off – I’m confident that when I reach my goal (which we haven’t even discussed) – I’ll keep it off because I didn’t put it on overnight and as you can see it isn’t coming off overnight.  Slow and steady wins the race!!  And it has taken me a year to really learn that sugar really is my Achilles Heel (so the latest quote from my nutritionist is – he predicts the Easter Bunny will see his shadow and I should have 6 more weeks of no desserts and chocolate!) (Ha!)

I thought I’d share this inspirational message I received this week (the first part is what I wrote on a card this past fall from during the 8 week program – My Mantras) and the second is a note from my coach – the timing was perfect.

My Mantras

My Mantras


And the journey continues…


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