The Last Week of Training was Tough – Jimmy Dugan Helped!

A week and a couple days before the 1/2 Marathon – I got sick.  I think the travel and the crazy weather caught up to me.  I was exhausted and had the start of a bad head cold.  I was completely freaked out ( I got sick over Christmas – with very similar symptoms and I was out of commission for a full week).  I didn’t have time to get sick + I had trained way too hard for it to get in my way.

My training was a bit messed up.  I did get all of my runs in the last week but not in their original order.  I did a 2 mile run on my long run day (Sunday before) and didn’t get my 6 mile taper run in until Wednesday night.  Getting the 6 miles in so helped me with my fear and doubts.    What scared me the most was the starting area – all of those people – starting out too fast and hitting a wall – getting out of my cadence.

I had a lot of encouragement throughout the week from family, friends and co-workers.  Two that stuck with me – “When you put your mind to something – you get it done.”  and “It is a big undertaking & a lot of hard work and you’ll do great!”  Even with the words of encouragement and support – I still had fear and doubts on how this was all going to go.

I was getting all of my gear ready to go to my Aunt’s and Uncle’s in South Jersey (an easy ride over the bridge to the race) and turned on the TV and one of my favorite movies – A League of Their Own was on.  I was able to watch all of it before I had to leave.  This scene near the end of the movie with Jimmy Dugan and Dottie Hinson – was just what I needed to hear:

That quote ‘hit home’ and finally sunk in that I was ready and I’ve got this!!

Thank you to all for the encouragement (and an extra special thanks to Jimmy!!)!!


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