Breaking Patterns

I’ve been struggling with balance since starting my new job in June of last year.  The balance has been a combination of eating and exercise.  I’ve been hit or miss on both.  It has been frustrating to say the least.  The biggest challenge has been my travel schedule.  I knew going into the job it was going to be a challenge – I just didn’t realize how big of a challenge it would be.

I’ve actually done better during my travels with eating – no time for grazing as I’m constantly on the go.  However, being constantly on the go and driving everywhere makes a girl TIRED!!  I’ve really struggled with it and at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

Rewind to last Thursday and I had the opportunity to attend a 30 day check-in from The 8 Week Body Project Program (I am a past member of the program).  The timing was PERFECT!!!  It was my own personal 1:1 session as I was the first and only one on the call for the first 15 minutes and that is all we needed to come up with a plan.  Here is the question that started it all – “What patterns are working and empowering me (and what patterns aren’t helping me)?” – My answer to that was – “I have no patterns and I’m struggling.”  We discussed my biggest challenge was getting my exercise in when I’m on the road (I was just coming off a trip when I didn’t exercise at all except walking through airports).  There are some things that I fly by the seat of my pants on but for most things I need structure – and this is one of them.

We discussed if having a travel bag with some equipment and exercises would be the answer  and committing to at least 15 minutes in the morning – I JUMPED at it!!  We agreed to a 30 day accountability program that I would either text or post on Facebook.  I picked up my travel bag with a golf ball, lacrosse ball and exercise bands (one with handles and a smaller one without) (I’d like to think I’m a beta test for this program – so the exercises weren’t quite ready in time for me to travel the following week – I got my exercises this week though).  No time like the present to try it out!

I left for Boston on Sunday – unbeknownst to me was also the last day of vacation for MA spring break – a 4:30 hour drive took me 6 hours!  Not a good start to a week of travel!

I started my 30 days on April 25th – I’m journaling my food, water, exercise and notes.  I’m also posting my exercise programs on Instagram to stay accountable  I’ve done something every day this week – here is a look at what I committed to doing this past week:

  • 4/25:  5x5x5:  5 exercises, 5 times, 5 rounds:  Squats, Bicep Curl, Back Rows, Triceps, Dead Bug and Cardio Finisher:  10 Jacks, 20 High Knees, 10 Total Body and 30 Punches
  • 4/26:  5x5x5:  Squats w/OH Press, Hip Ups, Superwomen, Side Lat Raisers, Front Raises and Cardio Finisher – like above and lastly – 1 mile run/walk
  • 4/27:  5x5x5:  Squat w/OH Press, Lunges (RS), Bicycles, Lunges (LS), Hip Bridge; Squat w/OH Press, Bicep Curl, Triceps, Dead Bug and Toe Touches and Cardio like above 2xs
  • 4/28:  Crazy 8s (8 times; 3 rounds), Cardio and Ab Finishers
  • 4/29:  6 am Pilates / Barre Fusion (and I was the DJ)
  • 4/30:  Pilates, Restore Yoga and 90 minute recovery massage

I was super pleased with my commitment to the 30 day accountability but also how I felt throughout the day!  I felt AWESOME!!  It wasn’t easy getting up every morning but I gave myself a pep talk – I only need to do 15 minutes (workouts ranged from 15 – 45 minutes).  Prior to leaving for my trip I stepped on the scale and I was up 4 lbs – I’m pleased to announce that I’m back down those four pounds.  I’m back on the road next week and looking forward to see how this journey progresses for me.  And tomorrow is a REST day – I’m looking forward to it!!

To breaking patterns – “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge” ~Tuli Kupferberg


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