12 Miles. In the books. Done!

I did it! I completed my first 12 miles today!  Next week is a taper run and after that the Philly Love 1/2 Marathon.

It was a windy day that turned the 40 degrees to a lot colder.  Happy with my pace today.  And the route wasn’t too bad either (a nice route for me to take once I bring my road back out for Spring).  🙂

12 Miles - Done!

12 Miles – Done!

And a post run selfie!!

12 Mile Selfie

12 Mile Selfie



A New Chapter…A New Challenge…

Less than a month ago I shared that I’m going to give this ‘running thing a try.’  I started on January 1st – with a 1 mile Run / Walk to gauge my timing.   I tested 2 different types – 3 minute run / 6 minute walk; 2 minute run / 4 minute walk.  Landed on the latter as I started my training and increased my distance.

My pre-training has included running the intervals – I’m now at 2 minute run / 1:45 minute walk – I’m a little over 14 minutes per mile.  I run 3 times per week and I cross-train (TRX and Yoga).  I hope to add in Spin once a week too (starting this coming week).

It hasn’t been easy for me to get out and do my program – there have been some days I’ve really had to give myself a pep talk (all of my runs are outside unless I’m traveling as I got rid of my treadmill a few years ago).  And after I’m always glad my pep talks have worked – such a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  I’ve had things get in my way (i.e. work) get in my way – but I’m not letting it happen.  One night, I sent a text to a co-worker – that I would be back (working on the project that was due) but I owed myself 2 miles and I did it!  I’ve actually been able to get 2 runs in over my lunch hour over the past couple of weeks too – it has allowed me to vent out some frustrations and help me re-focus.

Tomorrow morning is the official start of my 13.1 training.  I’m excited, I’m scared and I’m ready for this challenge!!


Keeping Up – Summer Edition

I can’t believe there are only a couple weeks of summer left. I’ve had a busy and fun summer so far.

Of course you know I took a 2 week vacation at the Jersey Shore – I love it and look forward to it every year. I’m already booked for 2015!

My Happy Place

My Happy Place

Here are some of the fun things I’ve done this summer:

  • Dusted off my not so great golf skills in South Carolina.  I forgot how much fun it can be.  Even was thinking of getting back in the ‘swing’ of it again.  Who knows – maybe next year!
  • A Girl’s Trip to South Carolina for some beach / pool time and of course some fried green tomatoes!

    Tried 3 types - my fav - with pimento cheese and some spicy jelly - YUM!!

    Tried 3 types – my fav – with pimento cheese and some spicy jelly – YUM!!

  • Annual Carnival trip with my niece!  Always so much fun.

    CHAOS - Loved it!!!

    CHAOS – Loved it!!!

  • It has really been the summer of baseball for me. I started off June with a Phillies vs. Mets game with some friends (Phillies lost).  I’ve had the opportunity this summer to see Camden Yards, Pittsburgh PNC Park and back the Citizens Bank Park this past Monday (in a Suite too 🙂 – sadly the Phillies lost again to the Mets!
    View of the Pittsburgh Sklyline at PNC Park

    View of the Pittsburgh Skyline at PNC Park

    Billy Joel Concert – it was AWESOME!!

    I see a Piano!  Such a great show!!

    I see a Piano! Such a great show!!

    Philly Skyline from the Billy Joel Concert

    Philly Skyline from the Billy Joel Concert

  • Some group karaoke while in Baltimore – ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’  🙂
  • Pool time and BBQs with friends
  • Visit with my parents while breaking up a business trip drive.  Spending some quality time and enjoying my Dad’s awesome cooking.
  • Cities I’ve visited this summer for work and pleasure:  Pawley’s Island, SC, Baltimore, MD, Ocean City, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Reston, VA, Camp Hill, PA, Pittsburgh, PA.  Next on the list:  Chicago, NYC and Overland Park, KS (major metropolis 🙂 )

    City Hall - Philadelphia, PA

    City Hall – Philadelphia, PA

  • Great rides on my bike while on vacation.  Just need to make some time to get back on my bike.
  • REO Speedwagon and Chicago in concert.  Last time I saw REO Speedwagon it was my senior year in college at Bald Eagle State Park and Chicago in 2003 at PNC Arts Center.  I just love all the brass and woodwinds.  Impressive!
    REO Speedwagon and Chicago on stage together!!

    REO Speedwagon and Chicago on stage together!!

    What have you done fun this summer?

Midweek Challenge Check-in

I promised on my last post that I would give a midweek check-in on my step challenge.  My 7 day running total is 61,934.  I’ve had 3 11K days so far this week – which is well above the 30%.  Did I make my goal too easy?  Guess time will tell.  I have a habit of hitting goals out of the gate strong and then life seems to get in the way (and one week doesn’t make a trend – but it is a nice start).

The first two days, I made the extra effort to get outside for some walks – on the 13th – I split my walks in two (one in the afternoon as a break from my endless conference calls and one in the evening to get some fresh air).  I had a quick business trip in NYC and even though it was raining – got some good steps in back and forth from the office, hotel and dinner.  Even with the rain – it was an awesome time in NYC.  I get to work with some really great people – we don’t get together that often and it was great seeing some co-workers I haven’t seen in a year or so.

Here is my update:

  • 1/15:  8,716 (NYC) (and counting)
  • 1/14:  11,694 (NYC)
  • 1/13:  11,734
  • 1/12:  11,400

Now the pressure is on to keep up the pace! 🙂

Getting back on track

I’m week out from my big transformation win – so how am I doing? Believe it or not last week was a bit of a rough week.  I was in a funk!

I kind of didn’t know where to start last week – I know it sounds odd – I was on such a high from the weekend – Monday was kind of a letdown.

Last week was super busy with work/personal and some volunteer stuff – so my schedule was a bit off.  I was able to hit a barre class and yoga early in the week.  I got some walking in when I could (the cold weather didn’t help – also making me re-think my walking during the workday – I’ll save that for another day).  And I was able to hit a Spin class on Saturday.   Not too bad right – eating wasn’t out of control – I just wasn’t feeling it last week.

I’ve had this annoying cough which I know is my fall asthma cough (I just need to use my advair and it should go away) – I allowed myself to let some negative self talk get into my head – I postponed my nutrionist appointment because I needed to do a 10 minute breathing metobolism test (and I didn’t want to cough through it) but if I’m really honest – I got on the scale Monday morning and didn’t like the numbers I saw (don’t worry – the appt is on the calendar for December).  I didn’t go to my normal Thursday night yoga – but that was a lot more legitimate – I really didn’t want to cough through the whole thing.

I put it out of my mind over the weekend and stayed active while I watched my niece and nephew Saturday into Sunday – they even got me to rake some leaves – so they could jump in them.  🙂

Yesterday, I got a text that said – ‘Today is the day to plan your week!’  I looked at it and realized – it was time to start over.  I grabbed a few things at the store last night.  I still have some other things that I will pick up tomorrow.  Grabbed a nice evening walk – it was so darn nice in NJ last night.  But the most important thing I did last night was re-read the 5 sheets of paper I received from my very first nutrionist appointment – I needed a refresher – something to reground and start the week off better than last week.  It seems so simple, but really helped.  I reviewed the proteins to focus on, carbs to eat, the hunger scale, the plate methond and lastly the Nutritional Goals to Maintain Energy and Optimize Weight.

There are 10 items on the Nutrional Goals to Maintain Energy and Optimize Weight.  The first 8 are all things that I know and I’ve been doing so they were nice reminders.  The last two really hit home for me (a lot more last night than in the past).  9. The scale is not the only measure of success.  10.  Good behavior changes take time.  I know I’ve mentioned before I’m all about the numbers and both my trainers and nutrtionist have told me numerous times the scale is not always the answer – I know this from the transformation and I just need to remind myself.  One of the ways I hold myself accountable is I get on the scale every morning – my goal this week is to not get on it again until Friday morning!  I need to see if changing things up and not worrying about the scale (so much) this week makes a difference for me.  I feel like I’m back on track this week!

Tailgating with my Jawbone

When I got my Jawbone back in August, I was really excited to see how many steps I could get while at a Penn State home game. Well the battery life of my UP got in the way. So the first time I had an opportunity to wear my UP for a game was last weekend.

I knew I walked a lot during Penn State weekends – particularly on game day.  A bulk to the walking is to and from the game.  If I had only parked a little further away – I probably would’ve hit 16,000 steps.  🙂

photo (19)

This helps explain why during the Fall – I still eat and drink what I want while I tailgate and really don’t gain any weight – lots of activity! 🙂

6 Week Transformation Moment…

This week is the last week of our 6 week transformation – they actually gave us an additional week!

Accountability is one of the many things that comes with the transformation as you see yourself change. We get a calendar every week – where we check off our 70 ozs of water a day, 5 days of fitness and 5 minutes for yourself each day.

The last thing we have to do is share a moment when we realized a significant moment of transformation – here is my moment:

In prior transformations – I start off strong and then life gets in the way and I make excuses.  As usual, this transformation started off strong and than life and work really got in the way (more so than before) and I had to figure it out.  In previous transformations, I was really good at making excuses and letting the little voice (or sometimes loud voice) justify that it was OK to miss workouts.  This transformation was different – I found that when life and work got in the way – I found a way to get some sort of activity in – even if it wasn’t at BodyProject.  And I really needed the workouts as a true stress reliever.  I could sweat out my frustration in a HardBody (and yes – yoga too) or really lose the outside world during yoga.  I tried to walk as much as possible when traveling – at the airport or walking from the L in Chicago (vs. taking a cab).  During the day when I have 1:1 meetings with my team (and it isn’t raining outside) – I put on my headset and I do the 1:1 outside walking (and I encourage my team to do the same).  So for me my transformation moment was ‘missing‘ (like I miss my Mom – not skipping) my workouts if life got in the way.  I made extra efforts to squeeze my workouts in whether it was a HardBody workout, yoga, barre or walking – I was getting something in so I wouldn’t ‘miss’.  Something in the past if I missed a workout – I justified it in my head.  ‘Missing‘ workouts for me is huge and something I won’t forget from this transformation as my moment.  It has really kept me balance with my work and life this last 6 weeks!

Next week starts my next transformatin journey as slow and steady wins the race – this is truly a marathon (and not a sprint) for me.


Healthy Tailgating

If you don’t know already, I’m a proud PSU Alum! I have season football tickets and I just love fall in State College.

I’m going to 5 home games and 2 away games this year. I have 3 games under my belt for the fall (2 home and 1 away). Last fall I did quite good monitoring what I was eating and my adult beverages (no beer) (stuck with mixed drinks – Bloody Mary’s etc) (you drink less as you sip more).

This year I decided to attempt at adding some healthy options to my tailgates.  On most game days it is breakfast and linner (or lupper) on the grill.  The first home game I made breakfast – which is usually an egg sandwich with meat and cheese.  This year I made my egg with some spinach added to it.  It was delicious.  When I’m back up for a game in October – I’ll add more veggies as I won’t be having a breakfast sandwich (see my #SHIFT posts) – so it will have to be an omelet.  I’m bummed I didn’t take a picture of my yummy sandwich from the other week.

Onto Linner (Lupper) – I tried at the first home game to try Jack Daniel’s pulled pork sandwiches to mix it up a bit – too sweet – off the menu.  So last week when I was up with my Mom we had hamburgers and hot dogs – normal tailgate fare.  However, before we left NJ we stopped at a local Italian Deli for some yummy, healthy salads – cucumber, tomato and fresh mozzarella and a grilled veggie salad.  Delicious and a hit!  They will definately be added for future games.

Cheesburger with fresh salads.  Nice grill marks on the bun too!

Cheesburger with fresh salads. Nice grill marks on the bun too!

Hot Dog option with salads

Hot Dog option with salads

Any suggestions for other healthy options?


Mora na maidine dhuit (aka Top of the Morning to You)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  If you haven’t guessed, I’m just a little bit Irish.  Lots of traditional Irish names in our family from Carroll, Fitzgerald, Shields and of course Dunn – and many others.  I still have the Irish map on my face even after all these years (aka my freckles – which I’m very proud of…I’ve never tried to cover them up)!

So as everyone is Irish for a day…enjoy and I’ll leave you with the following….

Irish Blessing

May luck be our companion
May friends stand by our side
May history remind us all
Of Ireland’s faith and pride.
May God bless us with happiness
May love and faith abide.
~Irish Blessing