Declutter 2014

My goal for 2014 is to declutter at least one item per day.  I started a few days earlier on 12/30 after I discovered Free Cycle – a local group where you can list the items you have to OFFER.  The only caveat – it must be FREE.  I had 4 posts yesterday for 1 VCR and 3 categories of VHS tapes.  I thought it would be cool to keep track of all the stuff I’m getting rid of and where it went (or at least what org or website I used to declutter my life).  Here it goes (start at the bottom for the beginning):

  • 11/19/14:  7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree (Source:  Mercer County Freecycle)
  • Early November:  Halloween Candy (Source:  Mercer County Freecycle)
  • October – decided to sell some items on eBay – get rid of somethings and get some cash – goal is to have enough $$ to buy all my Christmas presents – making a good start! (Source:  eBay)
  • 10/17/14:  Honeywell Thermostat and 1lb of Salt Water Taffy (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle)
  • 8/16/14:  Queen Sized Down Mattress Pad and Queen Sized Foam Topper (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 7/28/14:  1 bag via
  • 6/27/14:  Yard Welcome post and mini flag (Source:  Gave to a friend and it looks great in her yard).
  • 6/26/14:  2 Bare Escentual Toiletry/Make-up Bags, 3 Misc toiletry/makeup bags and 1 small old navy totes.  (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 6/24/14:  2 Zina Digital Photo Viewer Keychain, Green and White Seersucker totebag, Taylor Rice Cooker/Steamer & Fiskers Crafting items (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 6/22 – 23/14:  12×12 Top Loading Universal Scrapbook Refill Pages, Travel Coffee Mug with Mobile Power, Rectangular Frying Pan, Medium Size Plastic Covered Server, Misc Exercise DVDs – Leslie Sansone Walk Slim (5), Kathy Smith (2), Kickboxing for Dummies (1),Core Reflections (3), Turbo Jam (3), WW Get Moving (1), Winsor Pilates (4), Frost King 3 Pak Window Insulation Kit for Indoor Use, Frost King Vinyl Foam Weatherseal 3/4″ wide x 3/16″ thick x 17′ long (2), Duck Self-Adhesive Bottom Seal (2 in the pack) (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 6/21/14:  Bliss Poetic Waxing Wax Strips – Body, 7 Cosmetic / Toiletry bag include samples / trial size items in one bag, Misc bag of hair care products,Misc bag of body wash / scrubs / lotion, Mini Deep Fryer, Bubble Wrap (Source: Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 6/20/14:  5 bags of clothes and shoes, 2 bags pillows (3 total) and one arm pillow (husband pillow) (Source:  Lupus Foundation via
  • 6/18/14:  Steps from the FIRM Workout Series (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 6/14:  13 business books and 2 new closet racks and brackets (Source: Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 6/9:  Hanging faux azelea plant with lights (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 6/8:  11 paperback books and a yoga mat (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 6/7:  8 Hard anodized teflon pans (many practically new), Misc new makeup for kits I’ve ordred over the years, 5 Lock and Lock Sets, Appetizer on Ice Container, Blender, Crock-pot, Misc Beanie Babies, 2 wine opener sets, Name Brand Conditioner, Yoga Mat, Beach Chair, Lunch Bag, Handbag.  (Source:  Community Yard Sale where I netted over $200 – wahoo!!) (Note:  Kitchen items and make-up were big sellers!)
  • 5/18:  Small Pink Duffle Bag on Wheels (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 5/17:  Lindor Truffles (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 4/21:  Vicks Humidifier (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 4/20:  2 outdoor Welcome Mats (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 4/15:  Under the Bed Plastic Storage and Hallmark Winter Cookie Jar (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 4/14:  Misc Dishes, Glasses, Silverware and Sacchi Insulated Lunch Bag & Pedal Exerciser (Source:  Mercer County FreeCycle)
  • 4/13:  Panettone & 1 1/4 inch Hot Tools Hair Hot Air Brush (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle) – Total items to date – 258
  • 2/9:  3 manual choppers (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle)
  • 2/8:  6 Travel Cup with Lids & 3 manual choppers.  (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle) & 1 pair of used Glasses (Source:  SGTG)
  • 2/4:  5 bags of clothing and shoes picked up by – very reliable – picked up during an ice storm!  Lupus Foundation benefited from the pick-up
  • 2/1:  2 Curling Irons and 3 Flat Irons (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle) (response in 2 mins!)
  • 1/30:  5 Village Tins (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle)
  • 1/27:  Sunbeam Humidifier (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle) – pending pick-up
  • 1/26:  Xyron Machine and 4 cartridges (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle)
  • 1/14:  6 Non-Stick Baking Pans (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle)
  • 1/13:  ~10 hangers and a canvas hanging closet organizer (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle)
  • 1/11 – 1/12:  5 bags of clothes and shoes – scheduled for pick-up on 2/4 (Source:
  • 1/7/14:  4 NEW Ceramic Tile and Stone Grout Finisher & 35 Historical Romance Novels (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle)
  • 1/6/14:  3 pair of old eye glasses donated to SGTG used glasses donation bin.
  • 1/5/14:  ~50 Misc Hangers (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle) & over 50 Dry Cleaner Hangers (will drop off at Dry Cleaners on Monday) (Dropped off on 1/6).
  • 1/4/14:  Dropped off 4 Christmas Returns at the Post Office.  One brass lamp and one black clip on light picked up (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle – result of a WANT request – original pick up date was 1/2/14 – snow got in the way).
  • 1/1/14:  3 Bags of unopened Halloween Candy (Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle), Packed up 4 Christmas Returns (with postage) (Source:  US Mail), Sorted papers and did quite a bit of shredding today.
  • 12/30/13:  1 4 Head VCR, 32 VHS tapes and a VHS tape rewinder (I didn’t even post this – ended up offering it as I forgot to post with the VCR).  Source:  Mercer County Free Cycle.

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