Breaking Patterns

I’ve been struggling with balance since starting my new job in June of last year.  The balance has been a combination of eating and exercise.  I’ve been hit or miss on both.  It has been frustrating to say the least.  The biggest challenge has been my travel schedule.  I knew going into the job it was going to be a challenge – I just didn’t realize how big of a challenge it would be.

I’ve actually done better during my travels with eating – no time for grazing as I’m constantly on the go.  However, being constantly on the go and driving everywhere makes a girl TIRED!!  I’ve really struggled with it and at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

Rewind to last Thursday and I had the opportunity to attend a 30 day check-in from The 8 Week Body Project Program (I am a past member of the program).  The timing was PERFECT!!!  It was my own personal 1:1 session as I was the first and only one on the call for the first 15 minutes and that is all we needed to come up with a plan.  Here is the question that started it all – “What patterns are working and empowering me (and what patterns aren’t helping me)?” – My answer to that was – “I have no patterns and I’m struggling.”  We discussed my biggest challenge was getting my exercise in when I’m on the road (I was just coming off a trip when I didn’t exercise at all except walking through airports).  There are some things that I fly by the seat of my pants on but for most things I need structure – and this is one of them.

We discussed if having a travel bag with some equipment and exercises would be the answer  and committing to at least 15 minutes in the morning – I JUMPED at it!!  We agreed to a 30 day accountability program that I would either text or post on Facebook.  I picked up my travel bag with a golf ball, lacrosse ball and exercise bands (one with handles and a smaller one without) (I’d like to think I’m a beta test for this program – so the exercises weren’t quite ready in time for me to travel the following week – I got my exercises this week though).  No time like the present to try it out!

I left for Boston on Sunday – unbeknownst to me was also the last day of vacation for MA spring break – a 4:30 hour drive took me 6 hours!  Not a good start to a week of travel!

I started my 30 days on April 25th – I’m journaling my food, water, exercise and notes.  I’m also posting my exercise programs on Instagram to stay accountable  I’ve done something every day this week – here is a look at what I committed to doing this past week:

  • 4/25:  5x5x5:  5 exercises, 5 times, 5 rounds:  Squats, Bicep Curl, Back Rows, Triceps, Dead Bug and Cardio Finisher:  10 Jacks, 20 High Knees, 10 Total Body and 30 Punches
  • 4/26:  5x5x5:  Squats w/OH Press, Hip Ups, Superwomen, Side Lat Raisers, Front Raises and Cardio Finisher – like above and lastly – 1 mile run/walk
  • 4/27:  5x5x5:  Squat w/OH Press, Lunges (RS), Bicycles, Lunges (LS), Hip Bridge; Squat w/OH Press, Bicep Curl, Triceps, Dead Bug and Toe Touches and Cardio like above 2xs
  • 4/28:  Crazy 8s (8 times; 3 rounds), Cardio and Ab Finishers
  • 4/29:  6 am Pilates / Barre Fusion (and I was the DJ)
  • 4/30:  Pilates, Restore Yoga and 90 minute recovery massage

I was super pleased with my commitment to the 30 day accountability but also how I felt throughout the day!  I felt AWESOME!!  It wasn’t easy getting up every morning but I gave myself a pep talk – I only need to do 15 minutes (workouts ranged from 15 – 45 minutes).  Prior to leaving for my trip I stepped on the scale and I was up 4 lbs – I’m pleased to announce that I’m back down those four pounds.  I’m back on the road next week and looking forward to see how this journey progresses for me.  And tomorrow is a REST day – I’m looking forward to it!!

To breaking patterns – “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge” ~Tuli Kupferberg


What I’m Looking For…

Many of you know that I ran my first 1/2 Marathon last year. While I was training for the 1/2 I did a lot of internal reflection. I realized I was challenging myself personally, but wasn’t really challenging myself professionally.

I loved my job and I enjoyed it – but quite frankly I was really good at it and I could do most things in my sleep.  It was time to do something new and different.  Prior to the 1/2 I looked into a new position but it just wasn’t meant to be.  But then I received a phone call on April 17, 2015 that would change everything!  Fast forward to the middle of June and I started my new Sales Manager position!! (the hardest thing about making the change – was calling my team and telling them the news!)

And let me tell you – it was and is a challenge and I love it!!!  I was able to make an impact in that short time by improving employee/partner morale, grow the business and get my team earning some $$!  Some changes were made earlier this year and I have even more responsibility and big challenges ahead.  And I love it!  I’m challenged, growing and learning –  and unlike one of my favorite U2 songs (and I was at MSG for this one last year) – I found exactly what I was looking for!!!

Filet-O-Fish Kind of Day…

Look who is back!! 2015 was a bit of a crazy year and I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and keep up with my blog. I’ve missed it.

Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. I don’t get to church as often as I should – but I do my best (when not traveling) to get to Ash Wednesday services. It not only is the start of the most important season of the Catholic church but also makes me think of my Mom-Mom.

My Mom-Mom never missed church (unless she was sick or there was a blizzard) and even then we had to convince her it was ok. She never learned how to drive but that didn’t stop her from being an extremely independent woman.

I moved back east in 2001.  And the main reason I had been working to move back was to be closer to my Mom-Mom (I had less than 2 years with her).  One of the special moments I had with her during that time was making sure she got to Ash Wednesday Services and a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish meal.  It was a real treat for her (and me)!

I’ve cut out lots of processed food and very rarely have fast food – but I had my Filet-O-Fish meal Wednesday night and it was AWESOME!  I enjoyed it!  I’m sure Mom-Mom was looking down and smiling! 🙂

My Sweet 16 with my Mom-Mom - we must be related with that head tilt.

My Sweet 16 with my Mom-Mom – we must be related with that head tilt.

Enjoying my filet o fish - ashes and all!

Enjoying my filet o fish – ashes and all!

Am I a ‘runner’ now? Hmmm…

Today I had the opportunity to run in The Perfect 10 Miler (such a great message celebrating Women – “a chance to celebrate who you are inside and out – raising awareness of a positive self-image!”) first ever Bosom Buddy Relay! Each runner runs 5 miles – either first leg or second leg.  I had originally signed up for the 10 miles but with my new job – I knew early on that I just wasn’t going to get all the training in that I needed.  Through a friend I was able to find a buddy – we met for the first time this morning.  She opted to go first – and it was probably better – she is a little bit faster than me.

And then it was hurry up and wait for the tracker hand-off (due to traffic in the park needed to be there around 6:30 am – I live about 5 minutes from the park – so much for being able to get to a race a little later).  I think in the end there were about 50+ of us in the hand-off area.  We warmed up as a group and then the anticipation of looking for our runner.  It had been raining earlier in the morning but around the start of the race it had stopped – but then when I started – it started raining – a light rain and it stopped before I got to my first mile marker.  All in all it was a great day for a race (except the music in my app stopped playing so I heard one song and ran the 5 miles without music – a first for me).  With all the waiting I did like the fact that when I started running – it wasn’t part of a large pack – I could run my race.  I finished my 5.04 miles in 1:09:14 or a 13:43 minute pace (better than any of my training paces)!!  As a team we came in for our 10 miles at 2:09:09 or a 12:55 minute pace!  It was so great having my My BP Sisters cheering me on right before that final .4 and at the finish line (and I came in sprinting)!  It was also great cheering on some of my fellow sisters.  What an accomplishment by ALL!!!

Finisher Medal!!!

Finisher Medal!!!


So back to the title of this post – Am I a Runner?  And I think I may have to start saying I am – I realized today that I have completed Cupid’s Chase (Feb15 – a 5K), The Philly Love Run (Mar15 – 13.1), Hair of the Dog (May15 – 5K) and The Perfect10Miler (Oct15 – Bosom Buddy 5 Mile Relay) (and the year isn’t over yet!!!).  The first words out of my mouth was – ‘Holy Crap!’  This girl who has been proud to say she is a NON-Runner – may have to admit I am a runner.  I am not a fan of training, I’m anxious the night before and anxious the day of the race – but once I start I do enjoy it (I think).  Although I do prefer running in cooler temps (the Hair of the Dog almost turned me off running – it was too humid).

I’ll leave you with this quote from The Perfect 10 Miler – “I Try and Fail, But Never Fail to Try.  And That is Why I’m a PERFECT 10!”

Half Marathon in the Books

This is way overdue!!  This has been in draft form since early April.  Been a super busy 2015 but really want to share my story below.

On January 1st of this year I started a run / walk program (as a result of my Jan – Mar travel schedule doing Market Reviews for work). Some of you know my LOVE of Running (or not) – I’ve been very vocal about how much I despise running!

I started off slow with a 2 minute run / 4 minute walk.  By the end of January, I was up to 5 miles and in a training program for a Half Marathon (my first) (2 minute run / 1:30 walk).  I think I finally signed up for the Philly Love Run on February 1st.  I’ve progressed to 2 minutes run / 1:15 walk.  There were 10K runners – I was #7389!

Sunday, March 29th was the 2nd Annual Philly Love Run at 8 am – it was a balmy (and windy) 27 degrees!  The sun was shining and it wasn’t raining – bonus!!

Pre-Race - 27 degrees - March 29th!

Pre-Race – 27 degrees – March 29th!

I finished in 3 hours, 15 minutes.  About 15 minutes behind where I wanted to be (the hills between mile 8 and 9 killed me! 🙂 – something to work on).  Just as a I was getting to the Finish Line I heard the announcer say my name and that I was just about to complete my first 1/2 Marathon- it was awesome – I think it was right about then that I put my arms in the air as I started to cross the FINISH LINE! (and thank you to the ladies below and Todd for waiting for me to finish – it meant the world to me to have such a great support team!)

Shortly after I crossed the Finish LIne - with my Medal!

Shortly after I crossed the Finish LIne – with my Medal!

I’m happy to say I’m a Half Marathoner!  And I would’ve never guessed in a million years I would say that (much less have completed one).   It was such an inspirational day!  I was running and walking with half marathoners – many who were a lot faster than me and some not – it was great seeing people pushing themselves to the limit both mentally and physically.  Quite honestly it kept me going and I was in awe!

The Moment!

The Moment!


And a week or two ago, I signed up for the Philly LOVE Run for 2016 – April 10, 2016 – here I come!

The Last Week of Training was Tough – Jimmy Dugan Helped!

A week and a couple days before the 1/2 Marathon – I got sick.  I think the travel and the crazy weather caught up to me.  I was exhausted and had the start of a bad head cold.  I was completely freaked out ( I got sick over Christmas – with very similar symptoms and I was out of commission for a full week).  I didn’t have time to get sick + I had trained way too hard for it to get in my way.

My training was a bit messed up.  I did get all of my runs in the last week but not in their original order.  I did a 2 mile run on my long run day (Sunday before) and didn’t get my 6 mile taper run in until Wednesday night.  Getting the 6 miles in so helped me with my fear and doubts.    What scared me the most was the starting area – all of those people – starting out too fast and hitting a wall – getting out of my cadence.

I had a lot of encouragement throughout the week from family, friends and co-workers.  Two that stuck with me – “When you put your mind to something – you get it done.”  and “It is a big undertaking & a lot of hard work and you’ll do great!”  Even with the words of encouragement and support – I still had fear and doubts on how this was all going to go.

I was getting all of my gear ready to go to my Aunt’s and Uncle’s in South Jersey (an easy ride over the bridge to the race) and turned on the TV and one of my favorite movies – A League of Their Own was on.  I was able to watch all of it before I had to leave.  This scene near the end of the movie with Jimmy Dugan and Dottie Hinson – was just what I needed to hear:

That quote ‘hit home’ and finally sunk in that I was ready and I’ve got this!!

Thank you to all for the encouragement (and an extra special thanks to Jimmy!!)!!

12 Miles. In the books. Done!

I did it! I completed my first 12 miles today!  Next week is a taper run and after that the Philly Love 1/2 Marathon.

It was a windy day that turned the 40 degrees to a lot colder.  Happy with my pace today.  And the route wasn’t too bad either (a nice route for me to take once I bring my road back out for Spring).  🙂

12 Miles - Done!

12 Miles – Done!

And a post run selfie!!

12 Mile Selfie

12 Mile Selfie


My journey continues…

It is hard to believe that I started this journey in the Summer of 2011!  Looking back from the summer of 2011 to May 0f 2012 – I was really dabbling.

Everything changed in May of 2012 when I started seeing my nutritionist.  I can’t believe it has been 3 years already.  I’ve had lots of ups and downs – and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

It is super easy for me to gain weight and so hard for me to take it off.  I’ve had my metabolism tested (functioning on all cylinders – and firing higher than expected), no thyroid issues and I did have that bout with Lyme Disease (Nov 2012).

This time last year I saw a fairly large decrease in a 6 week period during Lent – I changed my eating pattern – 2 meals (and a snack if needed) on non-workout days and 3 meals a day on workout days and I gave up sweets and chocolate for Lent.  I lost 7 lbs.  My favorite quote from my nutritionist appointment was “You can give up sweets for Jesus – but not me.” (I reminded him of that quote when I saw him on Friday.) – it still makes me laugh.

As you know – I’ve been traveling a lot for work the first part of 2015 – which has scared the crap out of me – that I would regress and quite frankly ruin all of my hard work.  So I pulled my awesome resources together to get me through it.  I joined BP’s 8 Week Body Project program (the accountability portion of the program – I did their Fall Inaugural program – and it was AWESOME).  And the other thing I did was reach out to MIM-Multisport Training as I knew running was going to be the thing I could do no matter where I was in my travels (all hotel gyms have a least on treadmill – usually more and I was going to warmer weather locations and could get outside to run).  Plus I’ve seen great results from many of my friends who have trained with MIM Multisport for triathlons – so I know this was the right decision for me (plus they were starting Spring Half Marathon training – so the timing seemed to be right).  I trained most of January to get ready for the first official training session – 5 miles.  Tomorrow we do our last long run – 12 miles (holy crap!!)  🙂

My travel schedule has been pretty constant which means lots of meetings (which drive you to want to snack) and dinners (with appetizers, drinks and sometimes desserts).  I’ll be honest I’ve not been tempted by the snacks at the meetings.  I do have some appetizers, I do partake in the adult beverages (wine has been mine choice – more on that later) and a dessert every once in awhile (the bread pudding while in New Orleans was to die for – but everyone had some of it so I didn’t eat it all – I’m all about sharing!)  And then Lent started – so I decided to do the same thing as last year – give up sweets and chocolate – because I do love them and it is a challenge for me.  I was expecting to see some weight loss the first part of Lent – and what I saw was weight gain / losses – the only thing consistent was no consistency (frustrating).  Then I went to a Black Tie event where I drank wine (remember I told you keep that in mind) – and the next day I was hungover and I blame it on the sugar in the wine.  😉  I had a wedding the following week – where I opted not to drink wine – instead I had vodka / club soda (and no wine for 3 weeks).  And the weight started to move in the right direction.

So drum roll please – I’ve lost 6 lbs since January 30th!!  And I’m down a total of 33 lbs – I’ve kept it off – I’m confident that when I reach my goal (which we haven’t even discussed) – I’ll keep it off because I didn’t put it on overnight and as you can see it isn’t coming off overnight.  Slow and steady wins the race!!  And it has taken me a year to really learn that sugar really is my Achilles Heel (so the latest quote from my nutritionist is – he predicts the Easter Bunny will see his shadow and I should have 6 more weeks of no desserts and chocolate!) (Ha!)

I thought I’d share this inspirational message I received this week (the first part is what I wrote on a card this past fall from during the 8 week program – My Mantras) and the second is a note from my coach – the timing was perfect.

My Mantras

My Mantras


And the journey continues…

Half Way There…

Good morning!  Taking a vacation day today to catch up on some things at home (like cleaning – yuck) since I’ve been traveling so much for work.  I’ll do another post at a later time on my whirlwind travel.

I’d thought I’d take a break from cleaning (which honestly I haven’t done much yet) and give you an update on my Half Marathon Training.  First off I can’t believe I’m halfway through the training.  We are in week 5 – 5 more weeks to go until the BIG DAY – March 29th – The Philly Love Run!

In 5 weeks I’ve accomplished the following:

  • Completed my first 5K – using my Run/Walk cadence (2 mins running / 1:15 walking).  I’ve done many 5Ks – but it has always been walking.  And this 5K gave me a dose of hills – wow!
  • I’ve completed the following Sunday (sometimes into Monday) Runs – 6, 8 and 9 miles – I only missed the 7 miles because I hadn’t joined a gym and it was bitter cold out.  Each week is 1 mile more and each week an achievement for me as my longest run!
  • I’ve spent a small fortune in outdoor running apparel! 🙂

But even more importantly I’ve learned the following about myself:

  • I actually enjoy the 2 – 3 mile run / walks – For those who know me – shocking I know!
  • This whole 13.1 Miles still scares the crap out of me – but that is OK – Challenges should – I’ve been in my comfort zone for a long time (in many aspects of my life).
  • Once I give myself a pep talk and actually start running – I’m good.
  • After my 9 miles this past Sunday – I was wiped out and a bit sore – I listened to my body and took 2 days off.  I so needed it and the rest really helped me do well on my hills on Wednesday.
  • Making myself a priority – committing to getting my training runs and other training in during the week is just as important as the Sunday long runs.
  • I enjoy running by myself.  I know many like running with someone.  I love the solitude.  I spend so much time on the phone with work this is my time to enjoy the scenery and let myself worry about one thing – am I running or walking!
  • I’m sure there will be many more as I continue this journey.

I’ll leave you with this song from my playlist – the timing is perfect when I’m halfway through my miles for the day – gives me that extra push! 🙂

Training Day 1 Lesson(s)

Today was my first official training day for my half marathon. Welcome to winter running – I’ve been spoiled the first month of my unofficial training – we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter and sans snow. Well that changed on Friday night into Saturday with a touch of wet snow (say ice for Sunday).

This morning we met at the park – where they hadn’t even plowed the parking lot – rough skating rink.  So we met as a group to find who was in our running group.  I was partnered with Charlotte.  We’ve both been doing a run/walk program (her’s 3 min/1 min and mine 2 min / 1:45) (more on that later).  We both consider ourselves non-runners – so a perfect match.  🙂

We left that park and drove to a spot where we could warm up without falling and started our 5 mile loop on Edinburgh Road.  And off we went on our run with an adjusted pace of 2 minute run and 1:30 walk.  It started off great but I knew about a mile into it – it was messing with my breathing (I will tell you that has been one of the things I’ve been so proud of on my prep – my breathing has been great).  Anna (my trainer) was checking on all the runners and she immediately noticed how winded I was (and I know my face was super red – although that is normal for me) and I told her what I did.  She reminded me this is MY RACE (journey) and not to adjust – so I adjusted my gymboss app midway and got myself back to my 2 minute run / 1:45 minute walk.

How did I do on my first ‘official’ day of training (and this journey I’m embarking on…):

  • Mileage:  5.17
  • Time:  1:08:56
  • Pace:  13:20 (best:  12:09 / most realistic:  14:19)
  • Avg HR:  166
  • Max HR:  179
Day 1 in the Books!

Day 1 in the Books!


So what did I learn today?:

  • Run / Walk on my terms
  • Listen to my body (aka my breathing)
  • I need to warm up a bit more (and cool down) – my arches totally seized up post 5 miles
  • Continue to leverage my mantras – I Believe, I’m Resilient, I’m Strong and Be Patient!!!
  • I like the solitude of running

Until my next post!