What do you do when you are lacking in motivation?

Last year, I wrote the following on an internal fitness blog.  I find that I go to it when I need motivation – to prove to myself that I can DO IT and that I OWN it!  Hope you enjoy it.  Please share what you do to help motivate yourself!

I am STRONG and PROUD! (From: 10/27/10)

The 6 week transformation was a re-start of boot camp for me. I took the summer off due to an injury. As I reflect on the last six weeks…there are things that have remained the same; but many things have changed.

 Things that are the same:

  • Great trainers–a special thanks to Lindsay, Jessyca and Carrie for pushing us each and every day!
  • Great fellow boot campers
  • Class is still @ 6 am (for me)

Things that have changed (in no particular order…and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things):

  • My head is in the game (as I reflect on previous challenges / transformations at boot camp, I wonder if I was all in…I think not)
  • I’m accountable. I could make any excuse previously to roll back over and go back to sleep. I only missed two boot camps (I was out of town one day and had a migraine the other day). And I sent in my emails.
  • New workouts: I’ve pushed myself…mind muscle connection…I’m here for me and no one else!!
  • I used this forum to see that I’m not alone
  • I did a much better job with my food journal (although I have room for improvement)
  • I haven’t had fast food in 6 weeks
  • I’ve corrected people when they’ve said I’m on a diet
  • I’ve done the HIIT workouts on off days (although again an opportunity for improvement)
  • I’ve learned lots on how I shop and cook my food
    • Reduced diet soda intake
    • Cut back my sugar intake
    • And found new foods that I love
    • Did I mention I haven’t had fast food in 6 weeks? 🙂
    • And I haven’t felt deprived (I still enjoy a cocktail when out with friends) 🙂
  • I’ve lost 8 lbs (the most ever for me at bootcamp)
  • I’ve lost 6.5 inches and 1.2% bodyfat
  • I completed the 1000 challenge today with 600 reps a 36% improvement from September
  • And finally I’m ready to see what I can do in the next 6 weeks.

I’m feeling STRONG and PROUD!! I hope you are too!


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